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memory care

Discover enrichment programs, a host of amenities and services, and expert care.

The Watermark at houston Heights

truly feels like home

Our groundbreaking Memory Care is led by our “Nayas,” which translates to “guide” or “person of wisdom” in ancient Sanskrit. These expert caregivers guide residents daily with an empathic and nurturing style, providing a truly individualized experience.

Special Memory Care amenities are designed for comfort and familiarity: Residents have access to a calm and serene private dedicated outdoor courtyard and garden; distinctive dining; a range of thoughtful amenities, enrichment programs, and other unique touches.

Our Memory Care neighborhood, which we call the Gardens, truly feels like home, a nurturing place where residents are comfortable and secure. Dining, amenities, and outdoor spaces help foster a sense of community.

Thrive Memory Care programs

Pantry Program

This is a personal space for residents to store their favorite snacks and comfort foods. It’s also available as a storage spot for familiar items such as photographs, magazine, or anything that brings them joy and rekindles a memory.


Our Engage VR program enables residents to be transported to another city, state, country or even planet by simply donning a headset. Whether walking down the street of a childhood home or walking on the moon, EngageVR can truly take you to another world.


Our Gourmet Bites Cuisine provides access to flavorful, nutritious, favorite foods for individuals with cognitive, physical or neuromuscular challenges. This culinary approach transforms choices from the menu each day into visually pleasing, easily handled portions that retain all the taste, texture, and flavors of the same meal, with no utensils or assistance required. Served as one-bite and two-bite hors d’oeuvres, Gourmet Bites Cuisine brings the joy back to dining for residents and their families.

Watermark University

Our award-winning educational enrichment program includes special offerings for residents in Memory Care.

Memory Care

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Video Library

Thrive Memory Care
Let our dedicated staff explain the Watermark Communities approach to Memory care

Gourmet Bites
Watch how favorite meals are turned into nutritious bit sized portions. 


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